• Run to the beat

    Weav Run's unique motion-triggered algorithm syncs each song to your steps.

  • Engineered for performance

    Running in sync with music releases endorphins that help to fight pain and improve performance.

  • Works with other apps

    Try Weav Run to feel the difference. Enjoy it along with other favourite running apps.

  • Game changing tech

    Ground breaking music format that changes tempo between 100-240 bpm without sacrificing the quality of the music.

  • Run smarter not harder

    Set Weav Run to help you reach your goals. Perfect for treadmills.

  • Works offline

    Indoor or outdoor, online or offline – Weav Run offers different modes so you can run anywhere, anytime.

How It Works

Combining groundbreaking fitness tech with adaptive music tracks, Weav Run offers the ultimate running experience that makes running more enjoyable as well as gives you an energy boost to push your limits.

"Take our word for it, this is a game-changer" - Redbull.com

Weav Run is powered by Weav Music tech that allows artists to specify how a track should progress as the tempo is changed, a single song can be a completely different listening experience every time, based on your movement.

The future of listening

Lee Pukkonen
Michael Cork
Mary Evans
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