A running music app proven to help you run faster & further than ever before. 

I usually run 2 miles in 30 minutes. Today I achieved 2 miles in 24 minutes... In just my first use of this app!
— *Mr. Hyde* App Store review

Flood your brain with endorphins,  delaying pain & fatigue.



We created a new music format that adapts songs to match the rhythm of your feet. 

Go faster - the songs run with you. Slow down - so will they.

Running in sync with the beat lights your brain up like a Christmas tree, warding off pain & fatigue.

Having the music timed to your footsteps makes you feel like you’re running on air.

The key to effortless, efficient running.


Most runners overstride (their steps are too big), causing knee pain and exhaustion. 

Use our adaptive music to easily optimize your cadence (steps per minute), which can:

  • Reduce impact on joint and decrease risk of injury 
  • Boost performance and save energy 
  • Achieve flow state for running that feels like gliding, not grinding 
In 3 weeks of using Weav I’ve taken 50 seconds off my average mile time.
— Brian Peepaws - App Store review

Fall in love with running again - or for the first time.


Ever been out dancing until dawn? Right. With endorphins rushing through you, fatigue doesn't set in until much later. Amaze yourself with how far you can go!

There is a moment when my steps matched the beats, the sound of my footsteps faded away and I was just gliding through air. Amazing.
— smileyC8 - App Store review

Adaptive music by world class artists.


Our unique motion-trigger technology seamlessly changes tempo between 100-240 steps per minute - all without sacrificing the quality of the music. 

I [normally] get distracted because I can’t keep time with the music. This app allows me to do that without having to run impossibly slow or fast.
— Bob Villa5566543 - App Store review

GPS run tracking, and seamless sharing.


Fully integrated with Strava!

Also compatible with your favorite running apps like Nike+ Run Club, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Runtastic, etc. 

track .png
...makes my time training a hell of a lot more enjoyable. This app is a god send.
— struggle runner - App Store review