Normally, we think of music as something that you respond to...

it can make us feel things, and evoke memories. Music has undergone incredible changes over the years; now every song ever made streams into a single supercomputer in my pocket. It's truly incredible. 

But one thing has never changed - a record has always been a static audio file.

What if a record were a recipe for a song? And a listener could change the tempo, change the energy, change the mood, as if the band were there with you, playing the perfect version of their song? The possibilities are endless. 

That's why we created Weav Music

Weav Run is the first application (of hopefully many) of this technology!



Elomida Visviki - CEO and marketing wizard and seasoned entrepreneur, who sold her previous ad agency to Leo Burnett

Lars Rasmussen - CTO/Chief Espresso Office who spent decades in tech and indeed one of product co-founders of Google Maps, used by well over a billion people today. 



We’ve built a world class team of designers, music producers, and engineers


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