Runner Spotlight: Coyanne

We’re always happy to hear from Coyanne, one of our most consistent runners. It is beyond impressive how strong she has become with training for races with her 🐕🐶! She has run an incredible number of races with great dedication and we’re truly happy to share her story with you!


1) Tell us more about your running history: how long have you been running? how did you get started? what motivated you?

Almost 5 years ago my husband at the time got us a husky puppy from one of my friends in Alaska. The pup was supposed to mostly be his pup but it was me that feed, watered and walked the dogs. I came into this marriage with 3 dogs of my own (one went MIA 😪) and he had 2 (one died) and then we got Kodiak. 

So I began walking 5 dogs around town daily and began a diet program. My husband well he began spending time with another woman...

So 4 years ago we got divorced after a messy and ugly domestic violence incident. So I moved out to my now paradise at Lake Mayfield resort with my 4 dogs that I took from  our marriage. The dogs and I walked and built up our pace and began running 🏃‍♀️🐕🐾!

Knowing one thing about dogs and huskies is they are high energy and need exercise so I had to raise my energy level to match Kodiak’s. So we ran daily...Kodiak the husky, Toby my boxer and Ryder my Chinese Crested run together along with me. I call it the divorce diet and I lost 130 pounds in a year and have been maintaining my weight now for 3 😀. 

2) Do you race? 

Then last year we signed up for the 8k run, my first race ever, in Mossyrock, Washington at their Blueberry Festival and met a great running group of people that run or walk every Thursday night. They are called Run Amok running club out of Chehalis, Washington. The next week I joined the club. So last year I completed 3 runs. 

Since the beginning of this year I have ran 28 5ks with my group, ran an 8 mile race (got 2nd place), competed in a triathlon and got 3 rd place, just completed a 10k last weekend got 3rd place for my age group 40-49... I’m 49 for 25 more days.  This weekend I will compete in another 8k race with my husky. I also signed up to volunteer at the tough mudder competition on September in Seattle which will in turn earn me a free entry into a mudder competition that I will enter next year. I have been running with my club for one year now. 

3) What do you do when you are not running? 

I have even been running around my c store where I work as a manager. 

When I’m not running I’m kayaking on the lake or driving my Jeep 🚙 with a dog or two near by. 😀


4) How does running with music make you feel? 

I stumbled on the Weav Run app by accident but figured why not try it... normally I don’t listen to music when running. I like the way the tempo changes with my speed which drives my competitive impulses. Since using the app I have seen my cadence increase. I like that I tracks my route and all the other stats it’s extremely helpful. 

5) What's your power song? 

One of my power songs that just boosts my energy level is Feel the Love ft John Newman. That song just makes my feet pick up and move... love it! 

6) Tell us 3 things you won't go running without

  1. My dog Kodiak

  2. iPhone

  3. Headphones so I can listen to Weav, and my fit belt and I prefer to wear my Apple Watch. 

7) Tell us 3 great things you have gained/learned from running

  1. I have learned running inside or outside takes focus and drive and that I like running and I am very competitive.

  2. I learned it’s a great time to pray and talk to God too

  3. Also that running releases my stress and anxiety. 

Thanks Coyanne, for being an inspiration in our community!