Make the Most of Your Run with this Gear

In this article we share our favorite gear to hit the streets with.

First, we’ll look deeper into the most essential piece of gear, your running shoes. One thing to consider when getting new shoes is your arch support type. There are a a few ways that you can check this at home. (Runner's World Helps with This). Or you can visit you local athletic shoe store and they can help you make the decision.

1) Shoes

Your feet are one of two things flat or arched. This is big in choosing the correct shoe and it is important to acknowledge the differences in them. It is also essential to recognize that these choices will come to your benefit in the long run (hehe). Knowing yourself is important and will help you run better and more comfortably.

Our Picks


Brooks Adrenaline Series (Mens, Womens)

Altra Running Escalante (Mens, Womens)

asics nimbus 19 hombre-958ykd.jpg

ASICS Nimbus Series (Mens, Womens)


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Here are some great resources from fellow runners and bloggers. They have a passion for running with many reviews and suggestions for how to make the most of your run.

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2) Music/Headphones

Of course, once you’ve gotten the basics for your feet, the team at Weav is all about the music. We have a wide variety of suggestions of which headphones will serve you the best on your next run.

our Picks


Aftershokz Trekz Titanium

Any runner will agree a treadmill is a much different experience than running through trails or down a city street. And your headphones should be well suited for the type of running you do.

Aftershokz are great for outdoor running. Because they use bone conduction technology to play music without isolating your hearing. In other words, because they sit in front of the ear, your ears are still exposed to the outside world. You may lose some volume because of this. But you are able to hear your environment, which is always a safer option for a busy atmosphere.

If you are running indoor or on a treadmill, you might want a more immersive experience. You may want to opt for Airpods, Powerbeats or even SoundSport headphones. The choice is yours, we only wish you proceed as safely as possible 😊

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3) Apparel

It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions you’ll be running in. If you’re in the middle of winter it’s definitely a good idea to layer up. This guide (provided by Fix) is a great way to map out your outfits for your run.

our picks

We’re not too picky when it comes to our running clothes. As long as it’s all black everything (with Weav Logo on it 😉).

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4) Storage

Unfortunately, much athletic gear is not very storage friendly. But don’t worry, if this is a problem you find yourself facing, we’ve got you covered. Luckily there is a wide variety of garments and styles that can accommodate your needs when you hit the track.

  • Packs

  • Phone Cases

  • Belts

  • Armbands

our picks

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5) Sports Bras

Getting the right sports bra can be a challenge. Some women will prefer a looser hold while others will opt for a stronger hold. As there are a lot of resources pointing at one option over another. But thankfully, Kelly Roberts and #sportsbrasquad have sourced this amazing guide: Ultimate Crowdsourced Sports Bra Guide

Our Pick

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6) Safety

We’re all about safety and being best prepared to hit the trail is to be safe about it. This varies by environment, but overall what is important is that you are seen and can be heard in the face of danger.

Things to consider would be reflectors, id tags, headlamps, and anything along these lines. Another awesome way to stay safe is to use the Strava Summit safety features. These allow you too set a beacon that will give select people knowledge of your location in real time. Find out more here.

Our Pick

We’d like to give a shout out to Lost Values for making the most fashionable reflective gear. Check out these awesome garments that will keep you both safe and fly.

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Very Well Fit Best Running Safety Gear

7) Weights

If you’re in a more advanced running position, you might be looking to challenge yourself by looking at weights to give yourself an extra push.

our picks


Valeo Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights

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8) Recovery

It’s very important to unwind after a workout. Relaxing muscles and treating them is a must to ensure your body can recover after being put to the test. Rollers are great for massaging muscles and getting rid of tension.

In the event of injury, heating and ice packs are great to make sure the muscles are recovering and relaxed. It is important to care for your body after working it hard. Investing in a nice foam roller and a proper ice pack is worth every penny if you’re so active. Your body will surely thank you.

our picks


If you have any running gear on your Christmas list, drop a comment below! We’d love to hear your suggestions 😃💪

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