Jenn's Streak Diary: Week Into the Holiday Streak


Just over a week into the #weavstreak and I am a bit surprised that I am still going strong. Some days are a bit of a challenge and others are overly easy. But regardless, it is proving to provide a challenge in a time of year where I would rather be inside than outside.

To give you a quick insight into this challenge for me, here are a few fun facts:

  • I live in Seattle, WA! Which means most days are rainy and our sunlight is at just over 8 hours. Add in the Seattle gray, and you can imagine how hard some days are!

  • I am an outdoor only runner. Yes, you read that right. I do not own a treadmill or have access to a regular gym. So this is happening regardless of the weather.

  • I have never done a streak before!

  • I am battling a slight injury with my ankle and residual pain in my hips from a marathon in September. All this to say, some days I just happen to be in a bit of pain and do not want to workout.

  • I am currently in an off-season, meaning I am running less and doing a lot more cross training.

Regardless of these fun facts, the first seven days of this challenge have been great! But here is the real insight of my day to day:

Sunday: DAY 1! And in reality, a day 1 restart. Yes, I made it five days and completely forgot to do a mile on Saturday. But regardless, I picked myself back up on Sunday and restarted my 30 streak. This day was easy to get done, as I just headed to the walking trail near my house and walked a mile in the crisp sunshine. Defiantly worth it.

Monday: The reality of doing this only outdoors and regardless of weather hit REALLY hard today. It was a torrential downpour all day. And of course I had Physical Therapy to work on some of my injuries. My PT and I have an agreement that the days I get worked on I try to run within 24 hours to see how everything held. Today, I did 3 miles post therapy, in the dark and rain. Not my most ideal running weather, but I ended up embracing the suck by pulling out my light-up vest and looking at Christmas lights.

Tuesday: I took advantage of a brief break in the rain to get my mile in during work. Thank goodness for a walking trail along the water right next to my building! And the sun made a short 30 minute appearance during my walk.

Wednesday: I join the November Project Seattle tribe every Wednesday at 6:29 a.m. and today was no different. But I do have to say, getting up and working out in the pitch black dark is challenging. And running around hoping to make a mile during this workout was a bit stressful. But fun was had regardless.

Thursday: I do CrossFit twice a week to build strength and today was one of those days. I made sure to get a quick mile in before class and heading off to my second Physical Therapy visit of the week. And I got to catch the sunset thanks to the early times coming in around 4:15 p.m.

Friday: I will be perfectly honest, I did not want to do a mile today. It’s been cold and rainy. I have lots of things to get done. AND I have plans with friends at 7 p.m.  Not to mention, my roommates and I are dog sitting for the night. But I realized, out little visitor needed a walk and if I didn’t take him it would not get done. So we walked circles around my apartment complex until we hit 1 mile. And following this shuffle, I felt so much better about getting it done. Endorphins, I tell you.

Saturday: Day 7! One week down! And welcome to my weekend long run day! I got 6 miles in before I tackled the rest of my day. This is easy for me to do on Saturdays, as I have been doing this for years regardless of training for races or being in off-season. And this run was very much so needed.