Jenn's Streak Diary: Week 2 and Still Going Strong


One week down and on to the second week of the #weavstreak. Here is what went down in week 2:

Day 8: It’s been one whole week and it doesn’t even feel like it! And yet, while I knew I was going to get my mile in at some point in the day, I put it off until 9 pm, like the well-organized person that I am… Lets just say that I had a lot of holiday things going on today. But at 9 pm, in the now changing to freezing weather, I got out and walked around my apartment complex until I hit the 1 mile mark. I am pretty sure my neighbors are starting to question my sanity, but I feel accomplished for not letting a busy day get in the way of my streak.

Day 9: Oh, hello Monday! I can’t lie, Monday is my favorite day of the week. And I took the time after work to get a few miles in knowing that I could check out my neighbors Christmas light displays. And it did not disappoint! One of my neighbors had a personal boom-box (yup, right out of 1999) sitting on their porch playing Christmas songs. And the weather dropping below 35 helped it feel a bit more like the holiday season.

Day 10: I made sure to get to my CrossFit class twenty minutes early to give me enough time to do my mile. Talk about a nice warm-up before class, even if it suddenly freezing in Seattle. Yes, it was very cold and I would have rather just stayed inside and foam rolled before class. But do I regret getting a mile in before tossing some weights around? Absolutely not!

Day 11: Happy November Project day! We celebrated Chanukah in the dark early morning at NP by doing our Eight Crazy Nights workout. A guaranteed fun time with fellow crazy people who workout outside in the middle of winter. And running in a group is a lot more fun than running alone. Knowing that my mile was complete before the sun came up was very rewarding.

Day 12: The sun made a wonderful appearance during the day and warmed up our cold Seattle freeze, so I took a mid-day work break to get my mile in. I am really lucky to have a walking trail next to the water at my work. So I strolled along the canal with all the other mid-day walkers enjoying the rare winter sun. Today this streak is starting to feel more normal and integrated into my routine, which is a wonderful change.

Day 13:  My Friday was rather busy and I didn’t make time to get my mile in during the day. So I set out for another night of walking around my little neighborhood. My neighbors now think I am either crazy, or continue to be lost in my own neighborhood. Either way, their questioning eyes keeps me entertained on this cold mile walk.

Day 14: When Saturday long runs turn into Saturday long walks thanks to icy roads, you grab a friend and get going. I was able to get in a five mile walk with a friend and chat all about life and the holiday season. It really made the time go by quickly and we both didn’t feel like we had been walking for over 90 minutes. Group walks/runs really do make the miles fly by! And knowing that I am two weeks into the streak has put me on cloud 9. Can’t wait to see how the next week goes.