Jenn's Streak Diary: 3 Weeks Builds a Habit


They say that once you reach 21 days, you have created a habit. And the #weavstreak is proving to do just that. Here is week three of my streak adventure:

Day 15: I had plans to go to the local zoo to see Christmas lights with friends. And in my creative thinking I asked me if we could meet at a coffee shop about a mile away and walk to the lights. Extra time with friends and getting my mile in along the way. Now that is what I call a win win situation.

Day 16: There are some Mondays where you just need a decent sized run to work through the craziness of the day. Today I set out and ended up doing 5.5 miles. From trails to hills, to running into a few neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights, this run was exactly what I needed today. And to think that I am now 16 days into this streak, I am feeling really good.

Day 17: I was able to get my run in during CrossFit today, since it was a workout based around running. I really like when we are able to run a mile in class. I get excited, but my fellow classmates seem to hate running. So I get an opportunity to encourage them in trying something different. And tell them about the Weav streak going on right now!

Day 18: November Project today provided to be entertaining in the rain and running up and down the hill in Gas Works Park. Mind you, today I did not want to get out of bed to go workout at 6:30 in the morning. The rain is back and the cooler temps are still around, so it has been extra cold. But knowing that I can get my workout and mile in before the sun comes up, along with seeing my friends, helps get me out of bed today.

Day 19: After my workout today I stopped by my favorite running area and got my mile in. I knew that if I did not stop on the way home, I would not get my mile in. Honestly, walking around my little neighborhood when I don’t get my mile in earlier in the day is getting very boring. So I fought the traffic to go a little bit out of my way and get this mile done.

Day 20: How did I make it to day 20?! It has almost been three weeks! Now, let me be the first to tell you that today I pushed my run off till it was dark. I had this great idea of walking around a new neighborhood checking out the Christmas lights. And come 4 pm Seattle was hit by a classic late fall/early winter wind storm, welcoming in gusts of up to 50 MPH. What I should have done was go to my local gym and ask if I could use the treadmill to get my mile in. What I did instead was find a newly built neighborhood, where the big tall trees have been torn down, and walked around. I just brought crazy (and slightly unsafe) to a whole new level. But I was slightly determined to stick to my original plan. Mind you, I do not recommend walking or running in a wind storm to anyone.

Day 21: THIS IS NOW A HABIT! I am thrilled to make it to day 21 and I am slightly sad knowing that in 9 days the streak will be over. Today I got up before the sun and did a four mile run. Thanks to last nights wind storm, my run looked more like a ninja warrior course of jumping over branches and trees, but the accomplished feeling was still there. I even had time to stop by my favorite donut shop and pick up some treats for the family and myself (since I have been doing all this hard work!). A celebration of three weeks down was very much so needed.


Jennifer Wilson