We’re proud partners with Strava - the premier social network for athletes. Strava allows you to track your favorite performance stats, give kudos and comment on great performances by your friends and followers, and explore new routes with a global community of millions of athletes.

We’ve been partners for some time now, but are thrilled to announce being featured in Strava’s Gym and Studio Sync initiative, which allows for a variety of workout apps (swimming, rowing, etc.) to post directly to your Strava feed.

We’re the first music running app to not only share your run data with Strava, but also Weav-specific information - what songs you listened to, for example - with your friends and followers!

Moving forward, we’ll use the integration to discover the effect that different genres, songs, and energy levels influence our workouts - and keep pushing you to new heights.

If you haven’t synced yet to Strava, go to Weav Run → “Settings” → “Strava” → toggle “Share runs to Strava” on!

Or, if you’re on mobile, simply click the link below.

Weav Run is a new music running app that adapts songs to match the rhythm of your feet.

Use our adaptive music to optimize your form, which decreases injury risk and boosts performance. 

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