The Easiest Way to Improve Your Running Cadence


Running cadence is your steps per minute. 

A higher running cadence (smaller strides and more steps) can save your knees from a trip to the doctor and boost your speed to hit that elusive PR. So why doesn't everyone increase their cadence?

Cadence has gotten a bad rap. As if running weren't hard enough - now I have to focus on my steps per minute?

Not so fast! You can improve your cadence in under 7 runs. Here's how...

1. Measure your cadence to find your baseline.

2. See the graph below to plan out your next 7 runs (increasing your cadence by 2-5 steps per minute).

3. Download Weav Run and open the "Fixed Tempo" mode. Set your desired beats per minute (BPM) to match your desired SPM, and take off!


Weav Run has re-engineered songs to match the rhythm or your steps. You can set the BPM of each song to dictate how fast you want to go.

Use the adaptive music to follow the beat and hit a higher cadence. You'll have a blast doing it!

Pro tips:

  • Maintain a steady pace by making sure your feet always land on the beat. Don’t worry - the music will work for you! It feels a bit like magic the first time you do it, and you'll get used to running smarter - not harder - before you know it.

  • When you hit your upper limit, pull back! Say you start struggling at 180 SPM, but feel great at 174. Stick with 174! Cadence is NOT one-size-fits-all (we all have different bodies, so how could it be?).

If you want some personalized tips, email us at for help!

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Weav Run is a new music running app that adapts songs to match the rhythm of your feet.

Use our adaptive music to optimize your form, which decreases injury risk and boosts performance.