What is the Best Running Cadence?


Running cadence is your steps per minute (SPM). Beginning runners can save themselves headaches (and knee-aches) down the road by finding an optimal cadence.

Running with a cadence lower than 160 SPM means you're over-striding. This can lead to unwanted injuries. A higher cadence (and shorter strides) increases speed and decrease injury chances. In short, it's a runners boon.

So what cadence should you shoot for?

180 SPM has become the holy grail for cadence in running circles. Indeed, top athletes' cadences hover around 180.

Pushing too quickly to reach 180 can actually cause injuries - especially for beginning runners. The same injuries you're trying avoid. Our body types and fitness levels all vary - so how could there be a rule that fits for each person?

Takeaway: one size does NOT fit all.

Finding your ideal cadence doesn't take much work, and has tremendous benefits. Besides increasing speed and decreasing injury risk, it also results in an effortless, gliding sensation.

So how does one find their ideal cadence?

Weav Run makes that easy! The app tracks your cadence for you, and you can use our adaptive music to push you to achieve the cadence you want. Most importantly - the experience of running you've always wanted. 

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