How To Motivate Yourself While Running


Running can be one of the most exciting, empowering experiences of our lives. It can build self-esteem and show us that we can achieve anything when we put our mind to it. Big achievements lead to big highs.

Yet at times, it also can feel like a chore, even a bore.

Every runner has woken up in the morning having promised themselves they would run. The sun isn’t up yet, and your body feels like molasses. Maybe there’s a light drizzle.

How can you stay motivated when it’s nasty outside, or you’re feeling lazy inside?

The answer: adaptive music.

Music ties to the primitive brain structures that govern motivation, reward, and emotion. Being tired is one thing—feeling lazy is a different beast altogether.

Running with music does a great job of delaying pain and fatigue. Yet, it doesn't provide the added firepower and motivation that adaptive music does.

Adaptive music re-engineers songs to sync with the rhythm of your footsteps. Running in sync with music has proven to trigger an inundation of endorphins in your brain. Imagine that a dam in your brain opens and endorphins flow free, stimulating excitement and joy. The feeling is remarkable—magical, even.

All of a sudden, those morning runs—any run—seem a bit less daunting.

Motivating yourself is easier than most people think. It just requires pressing the right buttons.


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