Want a Quick, Easy Way to Run Faster?


Feel like you’re slogging through runs? Ever see other people gliding by?

Want a quick, easy way to get faster?

Increasing your cadence may be just what you need.

Cadence is your steps per minute (SPM). Most runners don’t focus on their cadence. But doing so is the key to improving your running form, efficiency, and speed.

A cadence of less than 160 SPM is typically seen in runners who overstride. Most beginning runners do this. This can lead to injury, waste energy, and slow you down.

If you’re overstriding, the position of your foot falls will be out in front of your hips, away from your center of gravity. This requires more energy to pull your feet out in front of you. By increasing your turnover, your feet land beneath you - aligning your steps with your core.

Which means you’re spending less time in the air. This not only decreases impact (reducing injury risk), but means you’re wasting less energy moving up and down. In short? You can focus your energy on moving forward. It sounds counter intuitive, and also makes you faster.

Measure and increase your cadence below!


How to measure your cadence

How to improve your cadence

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