What Running Music Does to Our Brain and Body


Most runners you see these days sprint by with earbuds in and phones strapped to their arms. Whether a jog or a 10k, running with music has become ubiquitous - and for good reason.

Some runners use music as distraction, and some use it to focus. Either way, listening to music improves both mental and physical performance.

The stimulus of running music distracts your body from feeling physical pain or fatigue as readily. This also delays and blocks fatigue-related messages your muscles send to your brain.

This reduces perceived effort, boosting mood and endurance.

Even better? A side-effect of the physical and mental benefits results in increased metabolic activity.

People tend to run further, faster, and longer when they listen to music - without even realizing it.

While the secret is out on running with music, few runners have tapped into the extra boost that running with adaptive music provides.

Adaptive music is music re-engineered to sync to match the rhythm of your steps.

Running in sync with the beat of songs stimulates and unleashes a rush of endorphins in your brain. So rather than just blocking pain, this type of music stimulates joy, excitement, and happiness.

Naturally, you can run farther and faster when you’re jazzed like this!

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