The Benefits of a Higher Running Cadence

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We recently hosted a Cadence Challenge. Here's what runners learned:

Cadence is how many times our feet hit the ground in a given mile.  The lower the cadence, the more effort we’re using to keep moving forward.  But as our feet quickly touch and go from the ground, there’s less time on the ground, propelling us forward.  Our stride becomes more natural, rather than laborsome.
— Amanda Ghent
I thought cadence and pace were interchangeable. Now, I see it’s more about the number of footfalls and having a more compact stride that saves energy and lessens wear and tear.
— James Williams-Ness
Once I started seeing my numbers (I am a data person), it was easier to remember for the next run because I wanted to see how my data would change.
— Cari Albarelli
I’m more aware of how I feel when I run based off my cadence.
— Temarie Tomley
It’s been a game changer for me. The injury isn’t being aggravated. I feel like I’m getting my life back.
— Nick Coleman

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