How To Use Adaptive Music to Boost Any Workout


Using Weav Run’s adaptive music can help you run further and faster than ever.

But running isn't the only way to use the app. You can easily adapt the technology to suit your needs in other ways. Here are some creative ways users have leveraged our technology:


Our adaptive music can make any song sound incredible, whether at 100bpm, 170bpm, or 240bpm.

Need to get somewhere by foot on time? Crank up your music and the walk will be a breeze. Use the "Fixed Tempo" mode to take things up a notch. Or "Match My Stride" mode to enjoy great music at the cadence of your choice.

As long as you're walking at more than 100bpm (roughly 100 steps per minute), the music will still match you step for step. Note that below 100bpm, things can get a bit squirrelly.


Even if your foot doesn't hit the ground, Weav still measures your movement. This works well for cycling and the elliptical. Put the phone in your pocket, and the beat still adapts to your acceleration on "Match My Stride" mode!

You can always push yourself as well. This can make any routine elliptical workout much more interesting. Or turn any road ride into an adrenaline filled adventure.

Workout pacer

Any high intensity workout - pushups, crunches, burpees, you name it - can use a strong beat. Problem is, most songs can't meet you where your fitness level is. This changes with Weav.

You can even try fun things like upping the bpm by 3-5 on every workout to use the music to boost your performance. Get creative!

Bottom line? You can boost your performance for almost any form of exercise, and enjoy it more to. leave it to adaptive music!


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Weav Run is a new music running app that adapts songs to match the rhythm of your feet.

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