11 Ways to Run Faster Than Ever


1. Good form

Step one to mastering any skill is learning the proper technique. Otherwise you’ll waste time, increase your likelihood of injury, and be more likely to quit when things don’t work out the way you want. Work on keeping your upper body tall, striking the ground with your mid-foot directly over your center of gravity, and swinging your arms back and forth. Know any other runners? Film yourself and have them give you feedback. Watch YouTube videos. Make sure that you form is rock solid

2. Perfecting your stride

This is the x factor. The fastest runners have a cadence of around 180 steps per minute. They take short, speedy steps, and keep their feet low to the ground. This saves energy, increases speed, and reduces the chance of injury (less time in the air means less impact when you land, taking the load off your joints). Learn how to measure your cadence here, and improve it here.

3. Cross-train

Squats, lunges, mountain climbers, wall-sits, push ups - these are now a few of your favorite things! Try 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions each, then rest for 1-2 minutes between sets. Cross-fit and beach body workouts work well too. Strengthening your legs creates the endurance to handle long distances, and your runs will feel light and crisp. As few as two cross-training sessions per week can do this for you!

4. Sign up for a race

Having a deadline will get your butt (and legs!) in gear. Set a realistic goal, and work towards it. Design or find a training plan to hit your goal. Track your progress with an app or a journal - nothing builds self-esteem like having the data to prove your newfound confidence! Get support from friends or fellow athletes that are also training. This is the surest way to stay motivated, and will result in increased speed in no time.

5. Follow the beat!

Download Weav Run (if you haven't already), and turn up the tunes! Our adaptive music format matches the beat with your footsteps. Running in sync with the music releases endorphins that make running a total blast, and boost your performance. Or, you can use the "Fixed Tempo" mode to set your desired cadence, and follow the beat towards your goals. 

6. Strengthen your core

Experts recommend doing 6 planks for 30 seconds each before each run. Planks train you to position your pelvis properly, which will have a huge impact on your times. (And developing a nice set of abs doesn't hurt either). Try it yourself!  

7. New kicks on the block

Wearing out old sneakers can lead to injury. Make sure you’re getting a new pair every 300-500 miles - and don’t forget to break them in by walking around a bit before a long run! Pro tip: get a fitted pair.

8. Drink coffee

Is this point here so we can justify pounding more espresso at the office? Of course! But drinking caffeine before running does give you that extra boost by increasing your intensity and speed. Say no to that tablespoon of sugar though - we don’t want any gunk in the fuel tank.

9. Beauty sleep

How could this possibly follow coffee as a tip? Well, studies show that well-rested athletes (6-8 hours is best) clock in with quicker times. Not to mention that recovery is key to running fast. Make sure you get a least two rest days per week. Take a walk or do some light yoga to keep things flowing. The bottom line? Get enough sleep, and those PR times will end up being the real beauty!

10. Say no to junk

Eating terrible food is like dumping garbage into a pristine mountain stream. Steer clear of sugar, and double down on whole grains or pasta for long runs and longer lasting energy.

11. Rome wasn’t built in a day - patience.

Keep moving. Baby steps. If you are persistent with running, you will reach heights you never thought were possible! Being consistent always wins.

Follow these steps and your sure to improve your speed! 


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