We are super thrilled to announce our partnership with Charge Running - an app that offers live, boutique classes tracking your speed and distance; all while challenging others from the comfort of your phone, wherever you are.

Charge brings the experience and competition of a running class to your phone. You can tune in to any scheduled session and feel the motivation of running with others, led and commentated by a professional trainer.

Throughout the month of August, Charge will be hosting Weav Wednesdays. Using a playlist of our adaptive music, the trainer will be able to give you an immersive experience of interval training with music as your personalized guide.

Weav Wednesdays


Wed, Aug 8, 7 PM EST
Wed, Aug 15, 7 PM EST
Wed, Aug 22, 7 PM EST
Wed, Aug 29, 7 PM EST

Anywhere in the world with Charge Running app


  • Download Charge Running

  • Signup for Weav Wednesday run (limited space)

  • Earphones

  • Good signal

  • Full battery

  • Tune in 5 min before the session

Don't miss your chance to be part of this innovative new effort in fitness tech!
Hope to see you there! Bring your game face! 

PS! The runs will be availble on demand within one hour after the live run is finished.