Jenn's Streak Diary: The Final Countdown


The final days and I cant believe I made it! The #weavstreak brought the heat and I proved to myself that I could step up to the challenge. Here is what went down in week 4:

Day 22: Welcome to the Jingle Jog! I joined my fellow November Project friends, put on my festive lights, and went on a grand tour of Christmas lights in Seattle while singing Christmas carols. I told you running with friends was more fun! And tonight proved to be an experience that I am glad I did not miss out on.

Day 23: The rain made a grand return and I was not up for running today. But just as I was about to toss in the towel a friend called me and I decided to take our phone conversation on the road. As I walked and talked I realized just how much I needed to get some fresh air. And my friend found it funny to hear the sounds of cars and my side commentary as we chatted away.

Day 24: In the grand tradition of Tuesdays being my CrossFit day, I made sure to get my mile in as a warm up for class. I can feel myself getting stronger in my running and the streak is encouraging me to keep going, regardless of wither I want to or not.

Day 25: November Project Wednesday! Today we did our annual “12 Days of Christmas” workout, which includes a lot of loops around Gas Works Park. Everyone was in high spirits, even if the wind tried to dampen our joy.

Day 26: Today is where the weav streak challenge got really hard. Another wind storm came through the Pacific Northwest and going outside to walk a mile did not seem smart. Luckily I join my mom for a trip to Ikea and made a quick walk around the entire store before going through for a real shopping experience. Time with mom and getting my mile in, what could be better.

Day 27: I had dinner plans with a few friends and I arrived 20 minutes early. The perfect amount of time to get a mile in and check out some Christmas Lights. Though it was still a bit windy, thanks to the tail end of the storm, it was a beautiful walk with bright Christmas lights.

Day 28: FOUR WEEKS DOWN AND TWO DAYS LEFT! My excitement is high but the reality of getting a mile in today is challenging. But after helping my family move into their new home and putting together ample amounts of Ikea furniture, I took advantage of the mall being open late and got my mile in. I forget that mall walking is a very popular activity, so why not give it a try on one of the last days of the streak.

Day 29: I got together with my running group for a few miles in the torrential downpour. We got a quick 3 miles in before retreating to a coffee shop to dry off. It was a wonderful time of chatting and talking about Christmas plans. And though at times running in the rain sucks, once you hit the soaking wet phase, it becomes enjoyable.

Day 30: I DID IT! 30 days of getting in 1 mile or more a day. And I am so proud of what I have accomplished! I took the dog for a Christmas Eve walk around my families new neighborhood, just so she could get the lay of the land, and I could figure out my route for a Christmas Day Run. Yes, you read that right, the streak will go for 31 days, not just 30. I cant guarantee a day 32, but I’d say 31 is good enough.

And there you have it! A first time streak is no longer a newbie. Was it worth it? Most definitely. Would I do it again? Sure would! The streak got me outside every day and I did not let my excuses get the best of me. It was challenging in all the good ways. And I am ready to take on the challenge of winter running.

Jennifer Wilson