100 Day #WEAVSTREAK with Lars Rasmussen, Weav CTO & Chief Espresso Officer


A picture for each day of Lars’ first 100 days of #weavstreak2019!


Weav’s ‘Chief Espresso Officer’ Lars Rasmussen hit the 100 day run-streak milestone on April 10th! No, that’s not a typo—beginning on January 1st, Lars started running at least one mile per day. And he just hit his 100th day in a row. He’s officially in triple digits and there’s no end in sight.

To celebrate Lars’ achievement, we put him in the hot seat and asked him 100 questions—one for every running day so far.

Keep reading to learn all about our ‘Chief Espresso Officer’ and be sure to follow along on his run streak adventure on Facebook.

  1. Morning or night? Night!

  2. Coffee or tea? Coffee!

  3. Summer or winter? Summer!

  4. Dogs or cats? Both!

  5. Favorite Weav song? Emergency by Icona Pop!

  6. Sweet or savory? Savory!

  7. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset!

  8. Zodiac sign? Libra!

  9. Favorite meal of the day? Dinner!

  10. What’s the one thing you’d tell someone before they start a running streak? Take it easy. And carefully plan when to run on travel days.

  11. Favorite vacation destination? Island-hopping in the Ionian Sea!

  12. What’s your ideal running weather? Blue sky sunset no wind ~20 degrees C (70 F)

  13. What’s your 1 mile #weavpr? 7m 11s

  14. What’s you 5k #weavpr? 24m 27s

  15. Do you have siblings? One, an older brother

  16. Where were you born? Copenhagen, Denmark

  17. Favorite holiday? Summer Solstice!

  18. What was your first job? Wrapping Christmas presents at a toy store

  19. Do you have a tattoo? Not presently

  20. Favorite hobby? Coffee!

  21. iPhone or Samsung? iPhone

  22. Last movie you watched? Charade 1963 with Audrey Hepburn (my older daughter is a film student :)

  23. Last book you read? Sex at Dawn

  24. Favorite movie? Big Lebowski

  25. Favorite book? Eva Luna or Smilla's Sense of Snow or any books with heroine protagonists.

  26. Favorite summer activity? Kite- or wake-surfing

  27. What’s your nickname? I don’t have one. Ideas?

  28. What’s the last thing you purchased? 32” waist jeans cuz I lost me some weight running.

  29. City you’d most like to visit? Tokyo

  30. Favorite running shoe brand? Nike

  31. What’s a pet peeve of yours? People should have more sex. And better.

  32. If a movie was made about your life, who would play you? Denzel Washington

  33. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Sydney, Australia

  34. Running shorts or running tights? Shorts!

  35. Best meal you’ve ever had? A tie between a Kobe Beef meal in Japan and the first meal my mother-in-law ever cooked for me (spaghetti with tomato sauce).

  36. What’s one place you haven’t been but would love to go one day? Africa!

  37. Favorite thing about NYC/Brooklyn? That we live there! And work there!

  38. Favorite restaurant? Colonie, Brooklyn. Cuz it’s close to home and awesome :)

  39. What is one thing you’d put on your “bucket” list? Learning to sing.

  40. Who is your favorite superhero and why? Wonder Woman cuz she reminds me of my beloved wife and co-founder.

  41. Where do you want to retire? On a boat slowly visiting all the countries.

  42. What’s the last thing you ate? My mother-in-Law’s delicious ‘gigantes’ beans and meatballs — yum!

  43. Where is the worst place you could get stuck? On the pier having missed the boat!

  44. What what the first concert you went to? Gosh, I don’t remember!

  45. What’s the funniest/weirdest costume you’ve ever dressed up in? Snorkelman

  46. What do you do for fun (other than running, of course!)? Get on the water!

  47. If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go? Russia, 1917

  48. Have you run a marathon? Not yet :)

  49. What was your favorite cartoon show growing up? Disney Christmas Show

  50. What are you currently learning? Everything!

  51. Favorite genre of music to run to? Anything *epic*!

  52. Favorite day of the week? Saturday by far!

  53. Favorite city in the U.S.? NYC

  54. Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to talk to animals? Every language in the world

  55. Favorite junk food? Pork rinds except that’s not junk food.

  56. Other than Weav Run, what apps do you use the most? Facebook, to post about my runs. And Google Maps :)

  57. Cake or pie? Neither!

  58. Solo running or group running? Group!

  59. Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla!

  60. Have you ever worn socks with sandals? Never have, never will!

  61. What’s the best age? Right now.

  62. Big dogs or small dogs? Great Danes!

  63. What’s your average cadence? 180 spm

  64. What’s your highest recorded cadence? 220 spm or so

  65. How many hours of sleep do you need? More

  66. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? Too many

  67. Dark Chocolate or milk chocolate? Milk chocolate!

  68. Swim in a pool or in the sea? Sea!

  69. What’s your favorite pizza topping? Shrimp

  70. Mountains or beach? Beach!

  71. Online shopping or in-person shopping? Online!

  72. How do you like your eggs? Scrambled

  73. Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Starting a startup!

  74. Silver or gold? Neither!

  75. If you could run with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? Beyoncé! Cardi B!

  76. Favorite board game? Monopoly

  77. Favorite condiment? Mayonnaise is the best — yum!

  78. How many unread emails are there in your inbox currently? 10,000+

  79. Truth or dare? Dare! No Truth! No Dare!

  80. Go-to Weav Run playlist? All the way :)

  81. Saltwater or freshwater? Saltwater

  82. Uber or Lyft? Whichever is closer :)

  83. Theme Park or water park? Neither!

  84. What’s the farthest road trip you’ve ever taken? Not far at all, I’m afraid :(

  85. Hidden talent? Miniature origami (although it’s been a while)

  86. What's your alma mater? Aarhus University, University of Edinburgh & UC Berkeley

  87. Spirit animal? Dolphin or octopus :)

  88. Favorite candy? Macadamia nuts!

  89. Where are you going on your next trip? Patmos, Greece — can’t wait!

  90. What do you do at Weav Run? CTO & Chief Espresso Officer :)

  91. Match-my-stride or fixed tempo? Almost always fixed now. Match-my-stride in the beginning to get to know my preferred cadence for different running paces.

  92. Outdoors or treadmill? Outdoors!

  93. Favorite upcoming Weav Run feature? Guided workouts with personalized adaptive music!

  94. Dream artist you’d like to see on Weav Run? Beyoncé! Cardi B!

  95. Favorite place to run? A flat + warm + tropical + deserted beach!

  96. Speed intervals or tempo run? Intervals! Tabata is my favorite :)

  97. Farthest distance you’ve ran? 10k, but it’s been a while!

  98. Last race? Haven’t raced for decades. Next come coming up in May (5k).

  99. If you could listen to only one adaptive song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Beyoncé! Cardi B!

  100. What’s coming up for Weav Run/Music? Anything exciting you can share? If the stars continue to aligning as they have recently, we should be able significantly to increase our rate of producing adaptive version of his songs over the next months. Very excited about this!

The Chief Espresso Officer never stops testing the app!

The Chief Espresso Officer never stops testing the app!

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-Good Times,

Team Weav

Interview by Kelley MacDonald.