Join Us for a Summer Run/Walk Streak!

Weav Team 5K — running in sync with each other AND with the music!!

Weav Team 5K — running in sync with each other AND with the music!!


We’re excited to announce our first warm-weather run streak for the Weav Community—walkers and hybrid run/walkers welcome!

When? — STARTING Monday, MAY 27th!

Although Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, it’s the official start of our 30-day summer streak . If the Memorial Day Weekend got the best of you - don’t worry you can still start and be eligible for the prizes!


  1. Run or walk at least one mile (1.61 kilometers) per day for 30 days in a row, starting on May 27th and ending on June 25th (or a little later - depends when you started the streak). You can run/walk anywhere you’d like — on the streets, a track, a treadmill.

  2. To begin counting your streak with the app, run/walk your first mile (make sure you hit the minimum one-mile distance), and then tap the streak-counter toggle on the save screen. The app will now count your streak for you!

  3. To qualify for prizes:

    — share your progress on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter using #weavrun and #weavstreak.

    — record all 30 runs/walks with Weav Run.

And here’s the fantastic news: we’re offering a FREE 30-day trial of Weav Run to anyone who wants to join! Simply download the app and sign up via the link below and kick off your streak with amazing adaptive tunes! 🎶

Happy run/walk streaking!


What’s Weav Run?

Weav Run is a running music app that matches the beats-per-minute of a song to your steps-per-minute at any given time during your workout.

With Weav Run, your workout playlist is always in sync with your movement. Choose from pre-curated playlists like Blast From the Past (oldies but goodies!), Dreadmill, and Speechless.

Read more about Weav Run and how to get started with the app in our helpful guide.


Article by Kelley MacDonald.