200 Day #WEAVSTREAK with Keit Kollo, Weav's Product Designer

Last December, Keit snapped this picture while on a 7 AM run in her hometown of Tallinn, Estonia, where there are only six hours of sunlight in December.

Last December, Keit snapped this picture while on a 7 AM run in her hometown of Tallinn, Estonia, where there are only six hours of sunlight in December.

On November 20th, 2018, Keit Kollo, Weav’s Product Designer, logged the first day of her run streak. Fast forward to today, and she just completed her 200th run-streak day! Over the past 200 days, Keit has run in New York, Tallinn, Miami, and several islands in the British Virgin Islands.

The current leader of the Weav Team run streakers, Keit’s goal is to complete an entire year of run streaking. That’s 365 consecutive days of running a minimum of one mile (1.6 km) per day. Keit said, “The goal was 30 days at first. Now, I want to complete a year so I can register my streak with United States Running Streak Association — yes, that's a thing.”

Here, Keit answers 100 fun questions as part of our #WEAVSTREAK interview series...

On Keit’s 185th run-streak day, Weav teammates, Mani, Lars, and Kon, joined her for a 5K in Brooklyn, NY.

On Keit’s 185th run-streak day, Weav teammates, Mani, Lars, and Kon, joined her for a 5K in Brooklyn, NY.

  1. Morning or night? Morning

  2. Coffee or tea? Coffee

  3. Summer or winter? Summer

  4. Dogs or cats? Dogs

  5. Sweet or savory? Sweet

  6. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

  7. Zodiac sign? Aquarius

  8. Favorite meal of the day? Breakfast

  9. Favorite vacation destination? Muhu Island, Estonia

  10. Do you have siblings? I have one sister who is a way better athlete than I am.  

  11. Where were you born? Estonia

  12. What do you do at Weav Run? I design and think about how things should work.

  13. What are you currently working on? We are working on building audio workouts, can't say much more yet.

  14. How long have you been working at Weav? Almost four years.

  15. Other than Weav Run, what app do you use the most? Newton for emails (love that app).

  16. Favorite band? Simon and Garfunkel

  17. Favorite way to listen to music? I end up using apps the most, but I also have a record player that I love.

  18. Match-my-stride or fixed tempo? Fixed tempo, usually 178 bpm.

  19. Outdoors or treadmill? Outdoors

  20. All-time favorite song? Not sure of all-time favorite, but I'm constantly humming Istanbul (not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants.

  21. What music do you like to listen to while working? Been listening to a lot of Clean Bandit since we got their last album weaved!

  22. Favorite Weav Run feature? The streak counter. We built it after I started [my run streak], and it took me nine days to lose count.

  23. Dream artist you’d like to see on Weav Run? David Bowie

  24. What’s the one thing you’d tell someone before they start a running streak? It's easy to make excuses to get out of exercising, streak helps to break that bad habit.

  25. Best piece of advice for keeping a streak going? Go run first thing in the morning so you don't have to think about it for the rest of the day.

  26. How early do you typically run each day? I usually wake up 7:15 AM. I’m out the door at 7:20 AM.

  27. Favorite running shoe? Adidas Ultraboosts

  28. Favorite song currently on Weav Run? Tears ft Louisa Johnson - Clean Bandit

  29. Favorite place to run? In the forest

  30. Go-to Weav Run playlist? I have my own playlist called “<3 <3 <3”

  31. Speed intervals or tempo run? Intervals

  32. Farthest distance you’ve ran? 15 km (told you - not much of a runner)

  33. Last race? 5k in the pouring rain with the team!

  34. Upcoming race? We are looking for a team 8k.

  35. If you could run with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? I wish to be there *when* Eliud Kipchoge breaks 2 [hours in the marathon]!

  36. Running shorts or running tights? Tights

  37. Solo running or group running? I love running with my team.

  38. Would you ever consider doing a marathon? Yes

  39. Favorite genre of music to run to? Probably urban/hip-hop

  40. If you could listen to only one adaptive song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Please god no.

  41. What’s your ideal running weather? Cloudy

  42. What brand are your earbuds? Apple AirPods

  43. What was your first job ever? I was a guide at an ostrich farm.

  44. Do you play an instrument? If so, what? I can play a few songs on the guitar, but I'm not particularly good at it.

  45. Favorite holiday? Jaanipäev (St. John's Day)

  46. Do you have a tattoo? Nope

  47. Favorite hobby? Does making food count? I like making stuff at home that people normally can't be asked to. Like sourdough bread, macaroons, ricotta, ravioli, hot sauce, cultured butter, cured meats, etc.

  48. What’s the next recipe you’re going to make for the Weav team (asking for a friend ;)? A new special batch of chili sauce (we have some hot sauce experts on the team).

  49. iPhone or Samsung? iPhone

  50. Last movie you watched? Cutie And The Boxer

  51. Last book you read? Enchanted Objects

  52. Favorite movie? Blade Runner

  53. Favorite book? The Master And Margarita

  54. What’s your nickname? Ketu

  55. What’s the last thing you purchased? Some delicious keto bread.

  56. City/Country you’d most like to visit? Japan

  57. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? New York. I really like it here.

  58. Favorite thing about where you live now (NYC)? 24/7 access to food and entertainment.  

  59. Best meal you’ve ever had? My grandmother's potato pancakes.

  60. What’s one place you haven’t been but would love to go one day? Mars

  61. Favorite restaurant? Dawa's in Queens

  62. Where do you want to retire? Some remote island

  63. What’s the last thing you ate? Beef Pho

  64. Where is the worst place you could get stuck? The international terminal at Heathrow airport in London (that's where dreams go to die).

  65. What was the first concert you went to? My aunts and uncles used to give concerts at family events — that part of my family is very gifted with playing all sorts of instruments (myself not that much).

  66. What’s the funniest/weirdest costume you’ve ever dressed up in? I used to have half blonde hair so I absolutely nailed Cruella De Vil with very little effort.

  67. What do you do for fun (other than running)? I never run for fun, running is super hard! I have gotten into powerlifting recently, and I love all sorts of water sports (wakesurfing especially).

  68. If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go? I'd go check out some dinosaurs.

  69. What was your favorite cartoon show growing up? Moomins

  70. What are you currently learning? How to run with good form.

  71. Favorite day of the week? Saturday

  72. Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to talk to animals? Every language in the world. I understand animals better than humans.

  73. Favorite junk food? Burgers

  74. Cake or pie? Cake

  75. Favorite ice cream flavor? Butter pecan

  76. Have you ever worn socks with sandals? Nope

  77. What’s the best age? 35

  78. How many hours of sleep do you need? I need 4h, I could use 6h, and I love 8h.

  79. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? One espresso/flat white. I love making my own coffee.

  80. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Dark with sea salt

  81. Do you have a favorite chocolate brand? Or one you’d highly recommend? Karl Fazer chocolate brand from Finland, whenever I have a layover in Estonia or Finland, I buy kilos of that stuff!

  82. Swim in a pool or in the sea? In the sea

  83. What’s your favorite pizza topping? Spicy honey

  84. Mountains or beach? Beach

  85. How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up  

  86. Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Led a double-decker full of tech people from London to Cologne (helloooo StartupBus fam!)

  87. Silver or gold? Silver

  88. Favorite board game? Cards against humanity  

  89. Favorite condiment? Remoulade

  90. How many unread emails are in your inbox currently? 188

  91. Truth or dare? Truth

  92. Saltwater or freshwater? Saltwater

  93. Uber or Lyft? Uber

  94. Theme park or water park? Water park  

  95. What’s the farthest road trip you’ve ever taken? SF to Boulder

  96. Hidden talent? I can unlock my phone with my nose.

  97. What's your alma mater? Central Saint Martins (London)

  98. What’s your college degree? I have a BA in E-concept Development and MA in Innovation Management.

  99. Favorite animal? Dogs

  100. Where are you going on your next trip? Greece


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Good times!

Team Weav

Interview by Kelley MacDonald.